How To Tell The Real And Fake Gateway 3DS Flashcart

How To Tell The Real And Fake Gateway 3DS Flashcart

As we know , the gateway 3ds is the best and the most expensive 3ds flashcart available in the market .Some manufactory produce the clones with lower price , but sell with hight price .The fake gateway 3ds don’t work with ur 3DS , even brick your console,  If you get a fake card , just ask the reseller a full refund .Today i will show you how to tell the fake gateway 3ds card.
Real one :
update available or has been updated
support Multi-Rom

Fake one :
Does not recognize as a gateway card (not updated)
Boot in classic mode in OMEGA
Runs the diagnostic test as if it were the original in omega
Backs up the nand, formats
runs 1.2
runs 2.0b
Plays the normal games, since that recorded 1-1.

Here is the pictures of the real card and fake card :
The real gateway 3ds :

real gateway 3ds
The fake gateway 3ds :

fake gateway 3ds

As you can see , there are two differences view from the card .
1) PCB Colour (Check the board) , the original is Light Blue, the clone is Black)
2) Pin 8 of the 3DS Cart (Original is shortened, like the end pins, Clone is longer than the other regular pins)

The second point should make it easier to identify the cards than the first though.
Most reliable site find a legit Gateway 3ds in USA :

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