R4I Save Dongle Game Save Review

R4I Save Dongle Game Save Review

How does r4i save dongle game save looks like ?
A fat looking dongle that almost blocked off my 2nd USB Slot.
Plastic USB Dongle, black in color with a small “upgrade button’ and an open slot for NDS/3DS Cartridge
R4I Save Dongle Game Save For 3DS NDSi NDSL
Claimed Functions
Supports NDS/DSi/3DS Original Cartridges
For moving save file from Original Cartridge to PC/Laptop and from PC/Laptop to Original Cartridge
For editing save file
For sharing save file
User friendly a.k.a easy to use

Really easy to use once you get over the software installation steps that can be quite confusing without proper information on the box that came with it.
Useful when needing to backup/restore a save file from and to the original game cartridge.
Totally good because its legitimate method without having to worry about piracy protection issues
The body looks sturdy enough for a plastic device.
Really nice and useful if you want to share save file, especially if the save file contain ‘special’ items/downloaded event.
Very good for overcoming the issue with some cartridge protection in preventing the save file from being deleted. Thus opens the door to allow re-selling of such cartridges as 2nd hand cart.
Useful when wanting to replace an exsisting save file with a clean or modified copy.

Only useful for backing up/restoring save files.
Only able to be use for Original Cartridges, not usable for Flash Cartridges.
No save file editing/modification tool/program provided, require 3rd party save file editor if wanting to get to edit/cheat in the game.
Shape is too fat that it disturb/block other USB slot next to it.
USB plug seems flimsy, and does not fit well into the USB slot.

All in all, this device opens the door for sharing game save files from Original Cartridges with everyone, and not to mention allowing the editing of save files once there are enough 3rd party developers for editing those files. It would however be nice if the device has a secondary function for dumping the game files, not just the save file. However, I don’t think the R4i team will do that, we’ll require a 3rd party to make use of the dongle capability, and make a program for the purpose.I would recommend using this device for anyone using an original game cartridge wanting to share or edit their save file aside from using cheats, buy r4i save dongle from here : http://www.usar4.com/r4isdhc-3ds-r4i-save-dongle-game-save-for-3ds-ndsi-ndsl-p-19.html

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