Tutorial : How To Install Gateway 3DS V3.2 On N3DS + Extras

Tutorial : How To Install Gateway 3DS V3.2 On N3DS + Extras

If you are having trouble to install the Gateway 3ds firmware V3.2 on the N3DS with the DS Profile exploit,Here is the step-by-step tutorial to teach you to how to do it .

Firstly , make sure you get this latest gateway 3ds : http://www.usar4.com/gateway-3ds-gateway-3ds-flashcart-play-3ds-games-on-3ds-xl-3ds-p-8.html

Step 1 : Turn off N3DS. Remove back cover.
Step 2 :Remove N3DS-MicroSD card that has enuNAND.
Step 3 :Find blank MicroSD card and put the region-specific MSET file on the root of it, as well as the new launcher.dat.
Step 4 :If you haven’t installed FlashCardTimewarp.cia, find that too and put it on this MicroSD card, next to the MSET cia and Launcher.dat.
Step 5 :Find DevMenu.3ds, not BigBlueMenu.3ds.
Step 6 :Put DevMenu.3ds onto the MicroSD card that’s in the Gateway cartridge.
Step 7 :Put the formerly-blank MSET MicroSD card into the N3DS and the DevMenu.3ds MicroSD card into the Gateway.
Step 8 :Power on.
Step 9 :Use Cubic Ninja or Zelda exploit to get into Gateway Menu.
Step 10 :Select “NVRAM Install” and proceed with instaltion. This will install to sysNAND, because the emuNAND card is not in the N3DS right now, and that’s what we want.
Step 11 :Put Gateway cartridge into N3DS.
Step 12 :Start Gateway Mode and launch DevMenu.3ds (by pressing select).
Step 13 :Import the MSET CIA to install it to sysNAND (from the second tab).
Step 14 :If you haven’t installed FlashCardTimewarp.cia before, install it now.
Step 15 :Turn off N3DS.
Step 16 :Take out the MicroSD that’s in the N3DS (behind the back cover) and replace it with the emuNAND MicroSD (ie the one that was in there before)
Step 17 :Turn on N3DS.
Step 18 :Go to Settings > Profile > Nintendo DS Profile to start the Gateway Menu.
Step 19 :Fit back cover again.

It should work now ! Hope it can help you !

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