User Guide: How To Use R4i-SDHC RTS 3DS Flashcart To Play GBA Games On N3DS/DS DS Lite

You may know the r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart can support the SNES/DS games , do you the r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart also can support the GBA games ?  If everyone knows that , r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart will be a new favourite for those users who like play gba games, so this post aims to show you howo to use the r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart to play gba games on your Nintendo console .First, make sure your flashcart is this one : R4i-SDHC RTS 3DS Flashcart , which has been successfully tested .

Things you need :

1  r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart
1  Micro sd card, card reader and NDS
1  EZflash 3 in 1

1. Download the latest kernel firmware v1.80b from here : firmware v1.80b

r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart

2.After extract it, open the folder , you will see all files as below :

r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart

3.copy all contents to the root of your micro sd card

4.Download GBA_ExpLoader_058b0_MX  from here : GBA_ExpLoader_058b0_MX  ,  and unzip it,open the folder and copy the root files  GBA_Exploader.nds and GBA_Exploader.ini into your micro sd card .

5. Then creat a “GBA ” folder into your micro sd card and put some GBA games(such as “street fighter 2″) into this folder.

6.Insert the micro sd card into your r4i sdhc rts 3ds flashcart  , then put them together into your nintendo console  . Power on the console .

r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart

r4i-sdhc rts 3ds flashcart

7. Click “Game” icon

8.Run GBA Exploader,then the system will warn  you ” May i set this slot2 expansion pack for GBA exploader ? ” Then Insert “EZFlash 3 in 1″ and press key “A” to confirm

9. Choose the GBA games you want play

10. Click A to continue

11. Wait untill it finish , take your r4isdhc rts 3ds out of console , you will see the game has been successed in  burnning  into your EZflash 3 in 1 (you can see from the pic,ezflash 3 in 1 can run this burned gba games perfectly without r4i-sdhc card  )

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