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Does DSTWO PLUS Card works on Nintendo 10.3.0-28 U ?

by Administrator

Nintendo 3DS system update to 10.3.0-28 U aims to provide the easiest, most user-friendly experience possible.Will it block any flashcart , how about supercard dstwo plus card ? What's new about the new system version ? 

    This update brings a new addition to HOME Menu Settings called HOME Menu Layout. This option allows you to save and load up to 8 different versions of your customized HOME Menu, using your themes and software icons.

    Browsing for new themes in the Theme Shop is now even easier, with new categories being added under the "View more" button.

As we know the supercard dstwo plus only work on the 3DS V4.1-9.2  due to it use the gateway plugin , If you are looking a card which can run 3ds/gba/snes/ds games , supercard dstwo plus flashcart is your best choice !

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