Which is the best card

Best flashcart for DS/DSi

Nearly all the cards we sell are working great on the DS and DSi console.

if you want to buy a flashcart with normal features, we recommend you buy r4i gold 3ds, this is the best r4 card.

if you want to buy a flashcart with more features, we recommend you buy supercard dstwo. this card has the most features.


Best flashcart for 3DS/3DS XL /new 3ds XL


For playing 3ds games


If your 3ds console firmware is V4.1-V4.5, gateway 3ds is the best for you.

If your 3ds condole firmware is V4.6-V9.2,  also recommend you buy gateway 3ds and wait because gateway 3ds will support the 4.6-9.2 soon with the next firmware update.

If your 3ds system firmware is V9.3 or V9.4, currently sky3ds card is the only card for you.


For playing ds games


No matter what firmware does your 3ds/3ds xl have, you can use a flashcart to play ds games. currently we recommend you buy either r4i gold 3ds or supercard dstwo. best cards we always recommend.


Best flashcart for 2DS

Same as flashcart for 3ds console.